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Dimensions: 8' x 3' x 6' (L x W x H)
An electronic arcade style basketball game party rental. Allows youth guests to shoot against the clock and each other in this quick throwing sports competition.

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Dimensions: 7' x 4' x 4' (L x W x H)
A classic arcade game rental where guests score points against each other by hitting a puck across the air table surface with an air hockey game mallet.

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Dimensions: 4' x 4' x 4' (L x W x H)
Foosball style air hockey game rental with a plastic dome cover to contain the mini hockey puck. Players compete head to head to determine the ultimate dome hockey player.

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A classic competition game in which 2-4 people challenge each other to see who can score the most goals by spinning the soccer like players on metal rods. The Foosball table game rental is a fun way to occupy many guests and is included in the Ultimate Game Room rental.

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