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Dimensions: 35' x 15' x 7' (L x W x H)
Two opponents race down the inflatable runway before being pulled backwards by a limited length bungee cord snaps back to a soft inflatable landing. The winner is the one who attaches the Velcro baton the furthest along the inflatable track.

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Dimensions: 7' x 4' x 6' (L x W x H)
Experience what it is like to live down on the farm. Your adventure starts here! Challengers step up to "Ol' Bessie" & do their best to out milk each other. First player races against the clock while the other awaits to see if they can beat their time! The bucket fills with water and a white dye to make it seem like you are really milking a cow....

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Dimensions: 16' x 14' x 17' (L x W x H)
The Full Court Press interactive inflatable basketball game is an entertaining basketball challenge. Each player starts with 3 basketballs on their side of the "court". Once a player makes a basket, their ball drops into the competitions side. The first opponent to make more baskets / free throws and leave all the basketballs on the challengers side...

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