Party Rentals Serving Wisconsin & Illinois

1-On-1 Basketball Game   1-On-1 Basketball Game
An electronic arcade style basketball game party rental. Allows youth guests to shoot against the clock and each other in this quick throwing sports competition. 8 Foot L x 3 Foot W
Air Hockey Table Game   Air Hockey Table Game
This is a fun arcade game rental for any group of people to play head to head.
Boom Blaster   Boom Blaster
3 of your guests compete in a frantic race to see who can pop their balloon first. Each person rapidly presses the detonation style pump to inflate their balloon to the popping point. (Game includes 100 Balloons) (Older Kids & Adults) Carnival Game rentals are a fun idea for your next birthday party, school carnival, church festival, special event or fund raiser.
Cash Cube Money Machine   Cash Cube Money Machine
Designed for portability, This glass enclosure, The Fun Party Money Machine rental is sure to be a hit at your company picnic, school carnival, church festival or other special event. The Money Machine rental can be used for prize giveaways with play money also. Contact us for details.
Casino - Blackjack Table   Casino - Blackjack Table
Who needs Las Vegas? The Fun Blackjack table rental comes complete with tables, chips and supplies. Choose from other popular games such as Black Jack, Craps, Roulette, Poker and other authentic Vegas style equipment.
Casino - Craps Table   Casino - Craps Table
The Fun Craps table rental comes complete with table, chips and supplies. Choose from other popular games such as Black Jack, Roulette, Poker and other authentic Vegas style equipment.
Casino - Roulette Table   Casino - Roulette Table
Fun casino rental services by Fun One Inc. Roulette table rental comes complete with table, chips and supplies. Choose from popular games such as Black Jack, Craps, Poker and other authentic Vegas style equipment.
Dance Dance Revolution   Dance Dance Revolution
Want to dance like a pro? From novice to expert and everywhere in between, DDR will challenge your dancing skills! This fun game rental includes the DDR dance pads and the gaming system. TV not included.
Dome Hockey Game   Dome Hockey Game
Foosball style hockey game rental with a plastic dome cover to contain the mini hockey puck. Players compete head to head to determine the ultimate dome hockey player.
Dunk Tank Rental Milwaukee Wisconsin   Dunk Tank Rental
The Dunk Tank rental is a Milwaukee Wisconsin and Illinois rentals favorite. Our portable and see through Dunk Tank is compact and easy to transport for pick-up or delivery. The Dunk Tank is sure to be a hit at your next company picnic, outdoor school carnival, church festival or other special event.
Foosball Table Game Rental   Foosball Table Game Rental
Your guests can challenge each other in game of foosball at your upcoming event.
Fun Express Train   Fun Express Train
Our attractive trackless train rental accommodates up to 18 passengers. Fun One Inc. will design a course which begins at the "Fun Express" station and travels throughout the entire picnic area.
Fun-a-tha-lon   Fun-a-tha-lon
Fun One Inc. will supply equipment for up to 10 traditional picnic games such as balloon toss, candy scramble, bunny hop, tug-o-war and more. These games can be designed for children, adults or both. The games include all game equipment rentals and award ribbons. (30'L x 30'W)
G-Force Tumble Weed   G-Force Tumble Weed
A fun interactive amusement ride rental where guests are strapped in and spin rapidly inside of this fun mechanical wheel.
Giant Surgery Game   Giant Surgery Game
The giant operation like surgery game rental is the larger version of the popular giant operation game! Contestants will try to remove the patient's funny bone, Adams's Apple, or breadbasket without getting "buzzed"! Operate with caution! (8'L x 3'W)
Golf Chipper Challenge   Golf Chipper Challenge
The Golf Chipper Challenge Game Rental is great for any golf enthusiast. Players chip Velcro golf balls that stick to the golf hole target. The target area is 7 x 7 and includes hazards and a green.
Guitar Hero World Tour   Guitar Hero World Tour
The Guitar Hero World Tour video game rental is a fun and entertaining rental for your next post prom, carnival, fair, or team event. Comes with video gaming system, Guitar Hero World Tour video game, wireless guitar, wireless drums set, corded microphone. (TV required)
High Striker   High Striker
High Striker Rental (10'L x 10'W x 23'H) Test your strength and ring the bell on the high striker. The striker stands 20' high and may also be set up indoors.
Horseshoe Game Rental   Horseshoe Game Rental
A traditional picnic game favorite. Includes four shoes and 2 posts.
Karaoke Machine Rental   Karaoke Machine Rental
Our karaoke machine rental is sure to create a fun time. With this fun party rental comes over 25 music discs with many genres of music so your guests are sure to find a song they would love to sing. Also included is a music song list book by artist or song title. (TV Required for video)
Miniature Golf Lg.   Miniature Golf Lg.
Sure to be a hit. We supply 9 or 18 holes pencils, scorecards, clubs & balls with this mini golf game. Each hole has its own unique obstacle to pass or go through to sink the ball. (10'-15' holes)
Miniature Golf Small   Miniature Golf Small
Small Mini Golf Rental.We supply 9 or 18 holes, pencils, scorecards, clubs & balls with this mini golf game. Each hole has its own unique obstacle to pass or go through to sink the ball. Smaller and easier to transport (7' holes)
Old Bessie Cow Milking Contest   Old Bessie Cow Milking Contest
Think you have what it takes to live down on the farm? Your adventure starts here! Challengers step up to the double sided "Ol' Bessie" & do their best to out milk each other. One player can race against the clock or two can compete for the title at the county fair!
Ping Pong Table Rental   Ping Pong Table Rental
The ping pong table game rental. This classic game rental is sure to bring out the competitive person of your guests.
Pit Stop Challenge   Pit Stop Challenge
The Pit Stop Challenge party game rental brings all of the energy and excitement of Stock Car Racing to any party or special event. Challengers race against the clock or each other in a frantic effort to have the fastest tire change.
Rock Wall - 23 Foot Extreme Climb   Rock Wall - 23 Foot Extreme Climb
It looks & feels like real rock! Your guests will love the challenge of scaling this 23' wall. The dual redundancy auto-belay system ensures maximum safety. Climbing Rock wall rentals are an experience worth remembering. 3 participants can simultaneously climb the rock wall rental.
Rock Climbing Wall Rentals By Fun Events Extreme Rock Climb Wall Portable Party Rental Portable Rock Climbing Wall Rental
Softball Equipment   Softball Equipment
Includes bases, Bats and a 16" softball. Ask about Fun Events organized softball games and tournaments. Baseball is a great party rental game for your special event.
Sumo Wrestling   Sumo Wrestling
Your guests wear enormous padded "sumo suits" and try to outmaneuver their opponent. Comes complete with two sumo suits, helmets and padded ring. This rental is great idea for post proms and other special events (13'L x 13'W)
Ultimate Game Room   Ultimate Game Room
Perfect for teenagers or recreation room enthusiasts. Consists of a One On One Basketball Game, Foosball Table, Dome Hockey, Ping-Pong Table, and Air-Hockey Game. If set-up outdoors the ultimate game room comes complete with 20 X 30 tent for your company picnic, church festival, or other special event.
Giant Operation Surgery Game Rental   Under The Knife Operation Surgery Game
New - Under the Knife game is great fun for all ages! This over-sized board game is colorful, fun, and an instant classic. Players use the huge tweezers to extract fun parts from the nervous patient. If either the tweezers or the game piece touches the game board. Uh-Oh! The patients nose lights up and funny sound effects are triggered. This is new newer version of our Operation Giant Surgery Game Rental.
Volleyball Game Rental   Volleyball Game Rental
We will provide official size courts with boundaries and all necessary equipment. Fun Events can organize Tournaments. Ask for details.
Water Balloon Wars   Water Balloon Wars
Prepare to soak your opponent with the water ballon wars rental! Comes with two launching stations and a water fill station to keep the battle going for hours. All you need is water and a hose for the battle to begin! (100 balloons included)