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Airshot Target Shooting Challenge Inflatable   Airshot Target Shooting Challenge
Test your shooting skills with the Airshot Target Shooting Challenge. This is a fun interactive game to test participants ability to shoot a moving target. Guests use a nerf style air pump launcher that shoots small foam balls to hit a floating plastic play ball out of an airstream. This fun activity is sure to entertain and challenge guests of all ages.
Airshot Inflatable Target Shooting Challenge Airshot Target Shooting Inflatable Challenge
Inflatable Baseball Batting Challenge   Baseball Batting Challenge
Score a homerun with The Inflatable Baseball Batting Challenge. This is a fun interactive game to test participants baseball bat swinging and hand-eye coordination. Your guests attempt to hit a small wiffle ball that is floating in an airstream towards into the backdrop of this cool new baseball game. Great addition to your summer baseball tailgating party, sports party, graduation party, or other fun special event.
Inflatable Baseball Homerun Challenge Baseball Batting Inflatable Challenge
Purple Castle Inflatable Bounce House Rental   Birthday Bounce - Purple Castle (10x10)
A 10 x 10 Castle Moonwalk bounce house rental that is compact and easy to transport. This is a Milwaukee area rental favorite birthday party bouncer rental. Entertain and impress your guests. Ideal for Pick-up. This is a great idea for your birthday party.
Party Bounce Inflatable Jump Rental   Birthday Bounce - Party Bounce (10x10)
The Birthday Bounce - Party Bounce jumping inflatable is a fun and colorful bounce house party rental. This 10 x 10 bounce is a great birthday party rental for parties Milwaukee, Franklin, Oak Creek, Greenfield, Muskego or the Racine Wisconsin area. Your guests can jump inside the inflatable bounce room. Fits in most vehicles and is quick and easy to setup.
Inflatable Color Castle Bounce   Bounce - Color Castle (15x15)
A multi-color, fun, bright and colorful inflatable bounce castle rental that is fun, and entertaining for all. The color castle theme is great for both boys and girls. Size: 15 L x 15 W x 17 H.

Drake The Dragon Inflatable Bounce House   Bounce - Dragon (15x15)
This inflatable bounce has a dragon theme. Provides hours of party fun and entertainment for all of the bouncers in your group. This is great fun for children and kids of all ages.
Inflatable Frog Moonwalk Bounce House   Bounce - Frog (15x15)
This frog theme inflatable bounce house is great for children and young adults to hop around in. This entertaining and colorful attraction will provide hours of fun and will add character to your birthday party or special event.
Hot Air Balloon Inflatable Bounce House   Bounce - Hot Air Balloon (15x15)
This inflatable bouncer house looks just like a hot air balloon. Bounce around the world and let your imagination sore as you jump away in this exciting moon walk style rental attraction.
Tropical Under Water Fish Inflatable Bouncer   Bounce - Tropical (15x15)
Become an explorer and jump away to foreign tropical lands with this tropical themed inflatable bouncer house rental. This particular jumper room is a Milwaukee favorite.
Western Theme Wild West Inflatable Jumper   Bounce - Western (15x15)
This inflatable bouncer house has a western theme. Feels like your bouncin in the old wild west.
Clown Face Fun Inflatable Clowns Bounce   Bounce House - Clown (15x15)
This colorful and exciting clown themed inflatable moonwalk style bounce house rental will provide hours of fun to your event.
Inflatable Dinosaur Bounce Jump House   Bounce House - Dinosaur (15x15)
This inflatable moon walk style attraction has a dinosaur theme. Its 15'x15' size is perfect for small children and young adults. It is a great bouncer rental for any party.
The Fun House Moonwalk Jumpy Bounce   Bounce - The Fun House (15x15)
The Fun House inflatable bounce house rental has a fun house clown theme. Perfect for school carnivals, church festivals and funfairs. If you are having a birthday party this inflatable rental is also great for birthdays.

Yellow Castle Inflatable Bouncing Moonwalk   Bounce Jumpy -Yellow Castle (15 x 15)
This fun Moonwalk Jumpy Bounce House Bounce Castle rental represents a 4 pillar kastle bounce and is perfect for a basic bounce for your special occasion.
Sports Basketball Football Soccer Baseball Inflatable Bounce House   Bounce Moonwalk -Sports (15 x 15)
This sport theme inflatable jumping house is great for your sports theme party or for your young sports enthusiast. Has a Baseball, Basketball, Football, & Soccer Ball (15' x 15' Bounce House Rental)
Sports Theme Jumper Bounce
Winnie The Pooh Tigger Inflatables Bounces   Bounce Rental - Tigger (15x15)
Let your children do Tigger's favorite activity.... BOUNCE! This bounce house is named after "Tigger" the funny tiger character in Disney's "Winnie the Pooh"
Tigger Winnie The Pooh Bouncer
Blue Castle Inflatable Jumping Castles Bounce   Bouncer - Blue Castle (15 x 15)
This is a fun inflatable moonwalk bounce that is 15' x 15' This fun rental is very tall and has a castle sytle theme.
Dalmatian Firehouse Dog Inflatable Bounce   Bouncer - Dalmatian (15 x 15)
The Dalmatian firehouse dog inflatable moon walk bounce house is 17' Tall . This is a very impressive party rental. It's tall, it's fun, and the most important thing is that your guests will love it.
Dalmatian Fire Fighter Dog Bounce
Inflatable Bouncy Boxing Fight Ring   Bouncy Boxing - Inflatable
Throw on your oversized boxing gloves and padded gear and knock your opponent out! This inflatable fighting boxing ring attraction is sure to bring laughter to both participants and spectators. Fun Events will supervise this activity.(19'L x 19'W x 7'H)
Bungee Bull Riding Inflatable   Bungee Bull
Ready to ride the bull? One rider hops on "El Toro" while four friends each grab a bungee and begin oscillating the bull. The rider holds on to a rope/strap and tries to remain on the fierce beast for as long as possible. The motion is gentle but it is a real challenge to hang on. (15'L x 15'W)
Bungee Run Inflatable Challenge   Bungee Run
Two guests race down the inflatable runway before the bungee cord snaps them back for a soft landing. (35'L x 15'W)
Inflatable Bungee Run Interactive Game Bungee Rope Inflatable Run Challenge
Inflatable Bounce Rockwall Slide Combo   Combo - Bounce - Climb - Slide Inflatable
The Inflatable Bounce Climb And Slide Combo has all of the fun play essentials to entertain participants of all ages. This enormous castle theme inflatable starts with a bounce / jumping area, then leads to a 12 foot tall rock climbing wall, and ends with a large fun inflatable slide. Size: 45 feet long x 15 feet wide x 16 feet high.
Bounce Rockwall Slide Inflatable Rental Inflatable Rockwall Climb Rentals The Inflatable Slide Bounce Rockwall Combo Rental
Buccaneer Pirate Ship Inflatable Party Rental   Combo - Buccaneer Pirate Ship
Ride the high seas on our 27ft. x 16ft. Spanish Galleon. This climb and inflatable bounce house combo includes a 17ft slide. The attraction is sure to be a hit with children of all ages. Riders enter on the right entrance, climb up a rock climbing wall, then go down the inflatable slide. At the bottom of the inflatable buccaneer pirate ship slide is a play area for jumping and bouncing.
Inflatable Pirate Boat Ship Slide Rockwall Rental
Bouncer Slide Basketball Inflatable Combo   Combo - Five in One Bounce
Inflatable Bounce House / Slide Combo - Five in One combo features a bouncing area, crawl through, climbing obstacle, exterior slide, and exterior basketball hoop. Dimensions (16'L x 16'W x 13'H) Pirate and tropical theme available upon request.
Pirate Theme Inflatable Bounce Combo Rental
Castle Inflatable Water Slide Bounce Combo   Combo - Castle Slide - Wet / Dry
Water Slide & Bounce - The Castle Slide Combo has a bounce area, with an attached rock wall / inflatable slide. (Optional) Connect a water hose at the top of the slide to make a fun wet water slide with an inflatable pool area at the bottom of the inflatable water slide. Size: (31'L x 12'W x 16'H) - Water Inflatables For Delivery Only
Tiki Island Water Inflatable Slide Rental
Tiki Island Inflatable Water Slide Bounce Combo   Combo - Tiki Island - Wet / Dry
Water Slide - The Tiki Island Combo Bounce Slide is a fun tropical island theme bounce house with an attached rock wall / inflatable slide. (Optional) Connect a water hose at the top of the slide to make a fun wet water slide with an inflatable pool area at the bottom of the inflatable water slide. Size: (31'L x 12'W x 16'H) - Water Inflatables For Delivery Only
Tiki Island Water Inflatable Slide Rental Tiki Island Water Inflatable Slide Rental
Defender Dome Dodge Ball Soccer Goal Inflatable   Defender Dome
Non-stop action awaits in our 34 x 34 interactive dome. Four players face off against each other on an angled surface with a goal of their own to defend. The fastest inflatable game ever created.
Full Court Press Sports Basketball Inflatable Challenge   Full Court Press

The Full Court Press interactive inflatable basketball game is an entertaining basketball challenge. Each opponent starts with 3 basketballs on their side of the "court". Once a player makes a basket, their ball drops into their opponents side. The first one to make baskets to make their opponent have all the basketballs, while being left with none them self WINS!
Size: 16 Ft. L x 14 Ft. W x 17 Ft. H

Inflatable Gladiator Joust Jousting Game   Gladiator Joust
It will take more than just strength in this one on one battle. This contest also requires balance, dexterity and quickness. Families and friends will cheer on their champion to victory! The inflatable joust rental is a fun event rental. Size: 20 L x 20 W
Floating Ball Sports Inflatable Game   Gravity Sports Inflatable Rental
Guests try to knock floating play balls out of their floating air stream. Either add up the score of the balls knocked out or knock out a specific number of balls. Can be played for prizes or just for fun at your party or fund raiser. Size: L=13 Ft. x W=13 Ft. x H=9 Ft.
Gravity Sports Interactive Inflatable Game Rental Floating Ball Sports Game Rentals
Inflatable Ball Pond Pit Rental   Huey Helicopter Ball Pond
This is a fun play area for young children that has everything to keep their minds active and interested. The ball pond is a fun place for youngsters to play and stay occupied. (12'L x 6'W)
Ball Pit Pond Inflatable Kids Rentals
Infinity Flyer Space Maze Laser Tag Inflatable Rental   Infinity Flyer - Space Maze / Laser Tag
Explore through the many various tunnels and paths inside of the Infinity Space / Laser Tag Maze. Yours guests will enjoy navigating through the fun inflatable space maze. For enhanced excitement add our optional laser tag equipment so guests can safely run through and hide from others while trying to eliminate other players. Dimensions: 30 Ft. x 30 Ft. x 6 Ft.
Basketball Freethrow Shooting Inflatable Game Rental   Inflatable Basketball Hoops Shoot
A 12 Ft. X 15 Ft. X 12 Ft inflatable two hoops basketball shooting hoops game rental. Two participants shoot side by side to try to get as many basketballs in the hoop within a certain time period as possible. The participant with the most basketballs in the long net is the winner. This fun basketball game can also be played for fun prizes.
Giant Inflatable Twister Game Rental   Inflatable Twister Game
A fun "twist" to an old game! "Right hand on a green dot, left foot on a red one. . ." This giant Twister game rental will tie you in knots just like the small one, only you'll have even more trouble standing up on the inflatable floor and keeping your balance! This is a post prom rentals favorite. (15'L x 15"W)
Jacobs Ladder Rope Climbing Challenge Inflatable   Jacobs Ladder Inflatable
Classic and very challenging special event rental for your party. With the Jacobs ladder inflatable game players attempt to climb the ladder and make it all the way to the top of the ladder with no support other than their own balance. This is one of the fun rentals from our Milwaukee Wisconsin party rentals store. Dimensions: 12L x 7W x 8H
Ladder Rope Climbing Challenge Party Rental Rope Ladder Inflatable Game Party Rentals
Toddlers & Kids Inflatable Rentals Package   Kiddie Land Ride Package
Includes the following: (12' Tall x 14' Wide) Spider Slide, Huey The Helicopter (5' x 9') & Toddler Activity Center(13'x13'). Sure to please parents of busy toddlers. (25'L x 25'W total space required)
Giant Tricycles Racing Game Rentals With Inflatable Track   Large Trikes - Race Track
Who said tricycles are for kids? These "trikes" are perfect for teen and adult relay races. Get your team together and "pedal" your way to victory. Includes Giant Inflatable Racetrack!
Inflatable Trike Trike and Inflatable Race Track
Delta Force Camo Military Theme Inflatable Obstacle Course   Obstacle Course - Delta Force
Battle your opponent all the way through the Delta Force Extreme Camo Military style obstacle course, starting at the inflated arches. After that you encounter the pop ups, followed by a climbing wall and then to the top of the slide. Whoever has the fastest time to slide down and out wins.
Size: (Dimensions: Length: 45 Ft, Width: 9 Ft, Height: 15Ft)

Delta Force Extreme Training Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course Inflatable Best Party Rental   Obstacle Course - Extreme Quest
The Extreme Quest Obstacle Course is 70 L x 14 W x 17 H. This fun inflatable obstacle course is massive and extreme. Participants race through the holes, over the logs, under the barrel, fight the dummies, climb the rock wall and slide down the slide. The Extreme Quest Obstacle Course is great for competitions for all ages.
Mega Thrill Triple Lane Inflatable Obstacle Course   Obstacle Course - Mega Thrill Triple Lane
Finally! An Inflatable Obstacle Course where up to 3 players can simultaneously race against each other at a time. Challengers rush into the tunnel entrance, make their way around a variety of pillars and horizontal tubes, and rush past inflatable barriers. Once escaping the challenging obstacles, participants make their way to the top of the rock wall staircase, and speed to the exit by sliding down the fun inflatable slide.
Size: (Dimensions: Length: 62 Ft, Width: 15 Ft, Height: 13Ft)

Triple 3 Lane Mega Thrill Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental
Inflatable Sprinter 38 Ft. Obstacle Course   Obstacle Course - Sprinter
The Sprinter Inflatable Obstacle Course is a fast paced, fun and interactive inflatable party rental. Guests dive through the entrance, go around pillars, under or over barriers, up a rock wall, down a slide, through some tunnels, and then to the finish line. This is a fun obstacle course challenge for racing or just for fun.
Size: (Dimensions: Length: 38 Ft, Width: 13 Ft, Height: 12 Ft)

Sprinter Obstacle Course Inflatable Rental Milwaukee
Velcro Western Obstacle Course Inflatable Rental   Obstacle Course - Stampede
Ranchers will have to corral their herd through this 40 foot inflatable obstacle course. Out of the barn, over the fences, and into the pen they go! The stickey stampede obstacle course includes velcro overalls to slow racers down along the way.( 40'L x 15'W)
Standard Obstacle Course Party Rental Inflatable   Obstacle Course - Standard
Your guests race through the inflatable obstacle course which includes jumping, wall climb, tunneling and more. Same as our Climb & Crawl Obstacle Course rental without the challenging wall climb. Great for younger guests.(40'L x 15'W x 9'H)
Tropical Theme Inflatable Wave Slide Obstacle Course   Obstacle Course - Tropical
Participants enter from 2 entrances and go through tons of fun filled obstacles, climb to great peaks and slide down the fun and huge wave slide. This inflatable obstacle course is great for all ages and perfect for your tropical themed parties! Size: (30 Foot Wide x 45 Foot Long)
Tropical Obstacle Course Challenge Inflatables Rentals
The Ultimate Obstacle Course Inflatable Party Rental   Obstacle Course - Ultimate II
Race your way through this incredible and extreme inflatable obstacle course rental. Challenge and overcome the many obstacles within. The 17' climbing rock wall and slide are definitely a crowd pleaser. (15'W x 55'L)
Inflatable Obstacle Course Rock Wall Climb Ultimate Obstacle Course Inflatable Slide Rentals Squeeze Through The Ultimate Inflatable Obstacle Course
7 Elements Obstacle Course Race Fun Party Rental   Obstacle Course Inflatable - 7 Element
The 7-Element Inflatable Obstacle Course challenges you through (7) different types of obstacles. Racers start this Obstacle Course diving though the wall, then squeeze through the pillar wall, around inflated side posts, scramble through tunnels, more inflated walls and out the back to become the victor! Size: (34'L x 13'W x 11'H)
Fun Inflatables Obstacle Courses Race Challenge
Chaos Obstacle Course Fun Racing Party Rental   Obstacle Course Inflatable - Chaos
2 Players race simultaneously against each other or just go for fun in this crazy and chaotic inflatable obstacle course. First you dive through the entrance, climb over a mini wall, then SqueeeeezE your way through a series of chambers and pillars, crawl through a tunnel, then climb to the top of the rock wall and make your way down the enormous slide. (25'L, 35'W, 17'H)
The Chaos Inflatable Obstacle Course Party Rental Inflatable Chaos Obstacle Course Challenge
Challenger Obstacle Course Fun Race Inflatable   Obstacle Course Inflatable - The Challenger
The 31 ft. Challenger Obstacle Course is our newest addition to the Obstacle Course family and is the perfect choice for a broad age range of guests. This game is packed with features like pop-ups, a squeeze wall, crawl throughs, jump throughs and an up and over slide. Kids and adults are guaranteed to love this game. Size: (31Ft. L x 13 Ft. W x 11 Ft. H) Note: Photo only represents style of obstacle, not actual color.
Adrenaline Rush Inflatable Obstacle Racing Game   Obstacle Course Inflatable- Adrenaline Rush
Your guests race through 11 intense challenges in an 80' run per lane. Participants jump, climb, crawl, squeeze and slide their way through a cacophony of inflatable obstacles. The inflatable obstacle course will get your heart pumping! (35'L x 35'W x 23'H)
Oscar The Octopus Inflatable Kiddie Maze   Oscar Fisherman Maze
This sea creature is sure to entertain all the underwater adventurers! Oscar has many different tunnels to choose and explore from. Fun Events will coordinate this adventure. (16'L x 25'W)
Slam Dunk Inflatable Basketball Challenge   Slam Dunk Basketball Challenge
Contestants get a running start and then jump on the inflatable jumping platform to attempt to slam dunk the basketball in the inflatable basketball hoop. This high intensity inflatable rental is a fun, challenging, interactive sports game rental for your guests to enjoy. (26'L, 15'W, 12'H)
Slam Dunk Inflatable Basketball Slam Dunk Challenge
Dual Double Lane Giant Inflatable Super Slide   Slide Inflatable - Double Lane
Twice the fun!! This 23 Ft. giant inflatable slide rental will entertain twice as many guests. This is a very large and color fun slide and is sure to impress. Comes complete with slide bags! Size: 32L x 17W x 23H
Happy Slide inflatable kiddie play area rental   Slide Inflatable - Happy
The Inflatable Happy Slide is designed for kids 12 and under and is excellent for birthday parties and company picnics. Includes climb, slide and small bouncing area. ( 27'L x 12'W x 12'H )
Old Woman In A Shoe Birthday Party Slide   Slide Inflatable - Old Woman In A Shoe
The Old Woman In A Shoe Slide This slide is pulled right from the pages of a nursery rhyme. This magically detailed inflatable slide rental really comes to life with its warm inviting appearance. Your little guests are sure to love this fun nursery rhyme brought to life. Size: L=24 Ft. x W=13 Ft. x H=19 Ft.
Giant Tiger Sabre Tooth Cat Inflatable Slide Rental   Slide Inflatable - Sabre Tooth Tiger
The slide with attitude! You have to see it to believe it. This gigantic sabre tooth tiger cat inflatable slide will impress all your guests and entertain even the "biggest" kid. Fun Events will coordinate this activity. (50'L x 30'W x 27'H)
Saber Tooth Tiger Cat Inflatable Slides
Screamer Backyard Inflatable Giant Super Slide Party Rental   Slide Inflatable - Screamer Slide
The Screamer Inflatable Super Slide rental is a major attraction for any event. We call it the screamer because it is a steep fast incline. Fun for all ages. (28'L x 12'W x 18'H)
Screamer Inflatable Slide Party Rental

Surfs Up Giant Wave Tropical Theme Inflatable Slide   Slide Inflatable - Surfs Up
Catch the wave as you surf down this 27 Ft. Inflatable Slide Rental. Perfect for all tropical themed parties and a perfect activity for all ages. Size: 37L x 20W x 27H
Inflatable Surfs Up Wave Super Slide Catch A Wave Inflatable Tropical Slide Tropical Wave Giant Inflatable Superslide
Western Cowboy Theme Super Slide Inflatable   Slide Inflatable - Wild West
Saddle up & head out west! This 26 foot inflatable slide will impress the "roughest & toughest" cowboys & girls at your event. Great for western themes! (45'L x 25'W x 23'H)
Speed Pitch Sports Arena Baseball Radar Rental   Sports Arena
Our colorful arena will provide hours of family entertainment. Your guests will choose from radar speed pitch, soccer kick or football pass. ( 15'L x 10'W )
Tug O War Inflatable Basketball Sports Challenge   Sports Basketball Challenge
The ultimate in competition! Two participants vie towards basketball hoops. Who will score first? You decide! ( 12' W x 25' L )
Toddler Activity Center Ball Pond Play Pit   Toddler Activity Center
This is a fun play area for young children that has everything to keep their minds active and interested. The ball pond is a fun place for youngsters to play and stay occupied. (13'L x 13'W)
Circus Theme Toddler Ball Pit Play Pond   Toddler Activity Center - Circus Deluxe
The Deluxe Circus theme Toddler Activity Center ball pond inflatable rental is a fun play area for infants and toddlers. There is a small net hoop on the seal to toss balls into. There is a small slide on the elephant to climb and slide down. There Includes large bag of plastic play balls. Size: 21 Ft. x 15 Ft. x 6 Ft..
Toddler Kid Ball Play Pond Pit Inflatable Rental
Tropical Adventure Worm Interactive Kid Maze   Tropical Adventure Maze
This is a 56 Foot tropical crawl through tunnel. Once inside participants get to see fun under water like creatures. Once inside experience the fun as you climb and navigate through the surrounding obstacles and vivid colors. There is even a climbing inflatable rock wall and slide inside.
Tropical Theme Octopus Maze Interactive Inflatable Rental
Twin Peaks Inflatable Rock Climbing Wall   Twin Peaks Rock Climb
Ready to climb? Test your free form climbing skills on this 22 foot vertical wall. Climb solo or race a friend to the top! (15'L x 20'W x 22'H)
Inflatable Rock Climbing Wall Rental
Velcro Suits Inflatable Wall Party Rental   Velcro Wall Inflatable Rental
Climb into the special Velcro jumpsuit jump or flip, and see what it is like to be a fly on the wall! Put on the Velcro suit, bounce & leap onto our inflatable Velcro covered wall and stick whichever way you land. Your guests will finally know what it is like to be like a fly stuck in a spider web with this fun interactive inflatable rental Size: (15 Ft. L x 15 Ft. W x 18 Ft. H)
Wacky World Giant Inflatable Fun Zone Maze   Wacky World Inflatable
It's a Wacky World, especially in this fun filled adventure! Run, Climb, Crawl, Hopscotch, slide, Jump, Dodge, Squeeze and twist yourself Wacky. Wacky World incorporates botch hopscotch and twister style surface for kids to play. Excitement abounds (29'W x 28'L x 12'H) This is truly an awesome inflatable obstacle course / bounce / all in one.
Wacky World Interactive Maze Party Inflatable Rental
Slip N Slide Inflatable Water Slide Party Rental   Water Inflatable-Slip n Slide
Have a Wet n Wild time on our Slip n Slide! Guests step up and dive onto the 28 foot long, slippery runway and try to slide through it as fast as they can. This inflatable water ride makes a great addition to any pool or backyard party. Appx. Size: 8 ft wide x 28 ft long x 7 ft high.
Inflatable Water Slip N Slide Water Inflatable Rental
Wrecking Ball Interactive Inflatable Challenge Rental   Wrecking Ball - Interactive Inflatable Rental
Wrecking Ball is a challenging and fun game rental for kids and adults of all ages! It is big, bold, and extreme! (4) Players climb atop their inflated pads. One of the players grabs the Wrecking Ball and hurls it at an opponent in an attempt to knock the player off of their inflated pad. As the Wrecking Ball swings back, try and grab it! The player, who grabs it first, then hurls it at another player, trying to knock that player off. The last player standing is the champion. Size: Length: 29 Ft, Width: 29 Ft, Height: 17 Ft.
Wrecking Ball Fun Inflatable Competitive Challenge
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